Obvious Press is the private print label of the designer, scholar, and maker-of-things polytekton, aka Mikesch Muecke. Obvious Press shares office space with Culicidae Press, Culicidae Architectural Press, Hog Press, Zanzara Press, and Handcar Press in Ames, Iowa, but most of the time our offerings are put together on the road using a laptop.

The frequency of Obvious Press publications is completely dependent on our designer’s whims—and he is often busy on paid projects for Culicidae Press and its imprints—but during a typical year he might publish one or two books. Stay tuned for updates on our main page, and if you’d like to say hello in real life, visit us at our global headquarters in Ames.

Alternatively, drop us a line using this form over at Culicidae Press, and we’ll write back as soon as possible.